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    A hardcore verbal war against houses and on special occasions schools. In the Debating club you will fight for your allocated topic on a team of two to four students. At the end of each term one house will take home the debating cup!

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    This is a club for all employees in The Management, this includes Leaders, Chief Editors and Head of Houses. The Management takes care of the users on the site and maintains the positive attitude and welcoming spirit for all those who attend the site. The Management controls the different teams on the site and is always here to help with answering questions. If you're not part of The Management, please don't apply for the club as you will be rejected. If you have any questions regarding anything on the site, you are more than welcome to contact me by sending an owl. Magical regards;

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    A prefect is one of the core roles for our site. These students moderate the boards to maintain the chaos. Each house has 4 Prefects. Depending on House there are different areas each pair are responsible for moderating. They are also the first staff face when an issue occurs and the link between students/staff. A prefect answers directly to their Head of House for any issues regarding moderation duties.

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    This is where all the professors can congregate

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