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  1. Welcome to Enchanted Hogwarts

    1. Welcome   (287 visits to this link)

      A short overview of our premise, RP setting, locations, and general information.

    2. Guides   (318 visits to this link)

      Quick access to our Rules, wiki pages, site guides, and lore.

    3. HELP ME!

      Guest friendly forum for asking questions about using IPS, getting started with the RPG, or fixing a technical issue.

    4. Official News & Announcements

      All important news and updates that affect the entire site will be found here, be sure to keep updated on all important events and announcements so that you never miss out on any of the magic!

  2. The Character Spot

    1. Characters Wanted

      Please read the Submitting & Claiming guidelines posted at the top of this forum before submitting a Character Wanted Ad or Claiming one. 

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    2. Plotting

      • Character Plotters (be sure to tag it as plotter).
      • Posting character plot requests. Usually 1X1 threads.
      • Thread requests.
      • Claiming plots.
      • Discussing and planning threads.
    3. Multi-Player Plots

      Like the title suggests...this forum is for suggesting, planning, and discussing plots that can involve a majority of the characters. These can also be referred to as site-wide plots. Not all characters have to be involved from start to finish or all at one time. You can invite more characters in as the story progresses.

      • Submitting new plot ideas.
      • Discussion and planning the current site plots.
      • Adding subplots to various ongoing site plots.
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