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  1. Plot For thirteen years, the magical and muggle realms lived in peace. That is until a virus came in March 2020 and was wiping out magic in adults above the age of twenty-one. There was an unknown force that was causing it and it is not known how or who is being exactly targeted. The virus seemed to be coming out of nowhere. It has been a year and millions have no magic. In June 2020, there is a group going by Eidolon, who is taking credit. The Ministry doesn’t know who they are or who they target, it seems to be random. Every month, about a hundred witches and wizards
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  2. Imogen Stone 15 /Pureblood / Slytherin / Student / single DOB: February 12th Imogen is witty and outgoing. She gets along with pretty much everyone. As long as they don't make her mad or insult her. She is awful at talking to guys though. For some reason she can't say the right thing when she is around them. She gets awkward and can be a bit clumsy. Imogen is also smart and she tends to follow the rules at school. She is musically inclined: she can sing and dance. She is close to her sister but her parents are strict. They expect her and her sister to be in an arran
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