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  • Amortentia Potion

    Potion Information

    Amortentia is the most powerful love potion, it is said to smell like the things the person smelling it find the most attractive whether that be a warm fall day, vanilla, or strawberries. No two people will ever smell the same scents from the potion, and once drunk it causes and almost overwhelming infatuation for the person who administered it, it should be noted that this potion does not in fact create an actual love as that is impossible to be done with a potion or spell. It merely gives the person under its influence a false attraction to the person administering it.

    While brewing this potion caution must be taken to ensure that it is done properly, for an improperly brewed batch of Amortentia may cause serious injury if administered to someone. In addition if mistake are made during brewing the fumes off of the potion may cause the person brewing it to become physically ill or even pass out.
    Ingredients List
    • 12 Dried Rose petals
    • 1 Lionfish Spine
    • 2 Grams Nettle, powdered
    • 3 Cups Lethe River Water
    • 1 Fairy Wing
    • 4 Rose Thorns
    • 7 Grams Moonstone, powered
    • Cauldron
    • Cutting Board
    • Mortar
    • Pestle
    • Wooden Spoon
    • Measuring Cups
    Brewing Instructions

    Combine lethe river water and lionfish spine and bring to a boil stirring clockwise, until the spine has completely dissolved, the water should be a pale pink.

    Once the lionfish spine has completely dissolved add six (6) of the twelve (12) dried rose petals, stir counter clockwise five (5) times, then allow to simmer for five (5) minutes.

    The potion should turn a light violet at this point, then add the two (2) grams powdered nettle and stir clockwise for four (4) minutes, adding one (1) rose thorn each minute. If you add the rose thorns too quickly the potion will begin sending out light pink smoke and begin to make the entire room fill up.

    After you have stirred for the four (4) minutes add the fairy wing and decrease the heat until it is hardly simmering. Allow to sit for five (5) minutes.

    Once five (5) minutes has passed remove the cauldron from the fire and add the seven (7) grams powdered moonstone, stirring thirty two (32) times counter clockwise. Must be exactly thirty two (32) time or the potion will begin to thicken in the cauldron.

    The potion should have a mother of pearl sheen and spirals of steam rising from it, must be stored in a dry place.

    If this potion is stored improperly it can lead to a break down in the composition that can turn deadly, and react the way a poison would when drank. Amortentia also should not be store for a period longer than sixty (60) days or it loses its potency, when given after the sixty (60) day mark it may cause a minor attraction to the person administering it, but not the severe infatuation that is desired.

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